The Mothers’ Union Safeguarding Policy and Procedure for Britain is now on our website. It has taken longer than anticipated for this to happen, but after consultation and much discussion, the Policy has been signed off and ready to use.    Read the Policy Here   and the Appendices here

We all agree there is nothing more important than ensuring the wellbeing of the children, families and adults with whom we work. Keeping ourselves safe is also of major importance, and the aim of the Policy and Procedure is to provide a framework and guidance to enable a safe and secure working environment where everyone can thrive and benefit from our programmes and activities.

We work with some of the most vulnerable children and adults in Britain. It is therefore of the utmost importance that there is continuity across Mothers’ Union in our approach to safeguarding. This can only happen if everyone plays their part, by reading, understanding and adhering to the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure.

A programme of safeguarding training will be rolled out in the near future, the basis of which will be the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure. Further information about the training will be provided shortly, but in the meantime if you have any questions or safeguarding concerns, please contact

Safeguarding – it’s everyone’s responsibility

Safeguarding is to do with each one of us as Mothers’ Union members and this short guide highlights how you can play your part.

Each of us has a responsibility to create and maintain a safer environment for all. In this section, you will find some basic guidance and simple steps so we can keep ourselves – and each other – safe.

Responding to safeguarding concerns

If you have a concern about the well-being of a child or adult at risk, there are four steps to follow: Recognise – Respond – Record – Report. This guide will help you to understand what you need to do.

We want to start a new project. What do we do about safeguarding?

If you’ve had a great idea about a new project for your group or branch but are unsure what to do about safeguarding, this is the place to look.