Coffee Mornings

Platinum Jubilee Coffee morning June 2022


Sheffield MU hold a coffee morning at Sheffield Cathedral on the first Friday of every month-10.15-12.15pm.

Midday prayers at 12noon.

Each Deanery takes a turn at hosting the Coffee morning.

January 7th 2022Ecclesall Deanery
February 4th 2022DASH Deanery
March 4th 2022Ecclesfield Deanery
April 1st 2022Rotherham & Laughton Deanery
May 6th 2022Wath Deanery
June 3rd 2022Tankersley Deanery
July 1st 2022Trustees
August 5th 2022Ecclesall & Attercliffe Deanery
September 2nd 2022DASH Deanery
October 7th 2022Rotherham & Laughton Deanery and Wath Deanery
November 4th 2022Ecclesfield Deanery
December 2nd 2022Trustees

  • Members of the Deanery need to arrive at Sheffield Cathedral by 9.30-9.45am
  • The Deanery needs to provide milk, scones, butter and someone to say midday Prayers.
  • The Cathedral staff will get out tables and cups out as well as our boxes containing tablecloths, tea, coffee & sugar.
  • The tables need setting up with tablecloths and MU literature( found in the boxes. 
  • The boiler will be on and coffee & scones are served from a table on the left hand side of the cathedral. Midday Prayers are said between 11.45 and 12noon. 
  • Clearing away- put cups back on the trolley, switch the boiler off and pack the boxes up and leave everything on the trolley, the Cathedral staff will put the trolley away. 

Thank you