Latest Projects

20 beautiful blankets knitted for the MU Amal Legacy Project, they will go to our links with Refugees.
HMP Prison Moorland

We support a local prison in Doncaster by providing a safe space for the children of prisoners to play whilst parents chat.

This year Sheffield MU members made over a 1000 Christmas Decorations for prisoners to give to their families as a reminder of their love.

“A huge Thank You to each and everyone who contributed. They will have put a smile on many children’s faces.”


There are a few holidays booked this year. However the cost of the holidays for 2022 has rocketed.  We need to encourage more funding for this very important project. We have more holidays booked this year as social services have come back onboard after a break.

Clewer Initiative

We continue to support the SY Police with this though our link coordinator with them has changed. 


Sylvia Charles presenting the first 8 bags to The South Yorkshire Police

Our Diocese has partnered with the Clewer Initiative (CI) together with the South Yorkshire Police Anti-Slavery Unit. Sheffield Diocese has agreed to provide bags of essential supplies for people who the Police “rescue” and are awaiting safe accommodation. Sheffield MU have agreed to fill 50 bags, which is the number specified for one year. The first batch will soon be ready to hand over to the CI and the Police. If you would like to know more can I recommend the article in the summer edition of Families First written by Ursula Kopp, Regional Development Manager. This article explains in detail how the Archbishop of Canterbury started the initiative and how it is progressing to date. There is also a useful resource within this article, which can be used at Branch level to raise more awareness and understanding. There is also a Clewer website which you can visit for upto date information