Following the guidelines for Coronavirus (Covid19) all our events are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Please keep in touch by checking back here and looking at our Facebook page (SheffieldMU).

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Sheffield Diocese Mothers’ Union welcomes you all…..

Thank You  from the Women’s Refuge.

Doncaster Women’s Refuge thanked Tanis  ( DASH Deanery Leader) and all MU members for their wonderful help during the last difficult months. Please continue supporting all Women’s Refuges in our Diocese, your help is greatly appreciated.

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4 Members of Sheffield Diocese MU have had articles published in the latest edition of Families First, President Gill, DASH Deanery Leader Tanis, Rev. Katie Tupling and Webmaster Pat.


Message from Margaret Culloden about MUe 

 Please contact Margaret at          mu.enterprise@sheffieldmu.co.uk if you would like to place an order. 



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