(Faith & Policy Unit)

IMPC is a part of the Mothers’ Union for those, of any age, who wish to remain members but who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to get to meetings and to keep in touch with other members.   Many reasons are factors in the decision to become an Indoor Member. It is not only age, health issues and immobility but it can be for other reasons, sometimes temporarily unable to attend Branch meetings because of caring for family members.

IMPC members receive cards on their birthday, cards at Christmas and Easter and letters from MU officials both from Mary Sumner House and our own Diocese, all these things help to nurture a sense of still belonging to an organisation to which, for most they have been a part of for many years.

Our Diocese has an IMPC Bookmark which is given to each member and it has the special Indoor Members Prayer which they can use, for as IMPC states,  praying is at the heart of what they can do for the Mothers’ Union within the confines of their home.

Each Deanery has an IMPC Rep. who along with the Diocesan Correspondent deals with mailings and care; they are the link between Branch and Diocese.

 Diocesan Rep~ Lesley Harpham

You can now download the Application form from the Resources page